The Conversion Series: Now on sale

FuckPuppy Convert

Final security inspection before shipment

GHS, Putting "Obey" Back in the wedding vows

Erasure would have been more merciful

MSCH, It's better to submit

The cruelest cut came after the snip

AI guided Thought Compliance directive

Puddles was a happy Puppy, things could have been much worse.

The Cum-Craver plugin was a popular DLC for MeshPuppet operators.

A CyberPuppet learns her place.

Programing complete

Inside the Empire Pt 18

Smile more

Perpetual Painslut

Realization Sets in.

GHS even has an "acquisition service" to help get her on the table.

GHS Cybermesh! The future of behavioral management!

Submit.SIR should only be used with those you can trust.

Photo Essay, inside the Maledom Empire

There is no worse end.

Equine Education